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India is a country with diverse cultural heritage and history, with each region having its own food, festivals, traditions and customs. The saree dress, on the other hand, is a garment that can be found in almost anyplace. Over a blouse and petticoat, this is a long length fabric wrapped around a woman’s body.
Everything, from the fabric and designs to the draping styles and blouses, varies from one state to the next, making this simple garment unique in every corner of the country. Sarees are now worn all over the world, with many worldwide celebrities emulating the grace and ethnic sophistication of Indian sarees.

The sheer diversity of sarees available in the market is one of the most appealing aspects of it for trendy women. Besides the fantastic regional alternatives, there are slew of designer inventions, such as the lehenga saree or half-and-half saree, that tailor the garment to the preferences of modern women. As a result, there are many saree styles to pick from; it is no more a garment reserved for the elderly or people with traditional tastes.

The most magnificient sarees are frequently found in India’s rural areas, where artisans have been crafting stunning clothes for royalty since ages. These types of regional sarees were used to be manually woven and took months or even years to complete.

Indeed, artisans have incorporated current technologies into their traditional methods, lowering costs and broadening the appeal of their products. Women all around the world can now purchase a variety of lovely sarees, ranging from thick and lusturous Kanjivaram silk sarees to fine-looking Chanderi silk sarees, from elaborately embroidered Chikan work sarees to Batik printed sarees.

Indian saree designs are extremely varied because here, there is a demand for sarees of all types for different occasions. For instance, many women wear sarees on a day to day basis, for office or when running errands, while for some women sarees are special occasion garments that have to be glamorous and attractive.

The most distinctive and gorgeous sarees with fashionable hues, sparkling decorations, and sophisticated patterns can be found in a designer saree assortment. Ethnic techniques such as Zari, Resham cut dana, gota patti, aari, booti, and others are commonly used to embroider and adorn these. On the other hand, plain or printed sarees for day to day wear are also high in demand.

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